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NewTek Tricaster Advanced Edition(DISCONTINUED) Software Upgrades
Now with NDI - Network Device Interface
Live Video Production - Live Video Streaming
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NewTek Tricaster Advanced Edition with NDI

Tricaster Advanced Edition
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Tricaster Advanced
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Tricaster Advanced
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About NDI

NewTek Advanced Edition 

$1995 US - Contact Us - 416-690-1690


Network Device Interface is the foundation of NewTek’s Advanced IP Workflow. Anyone can implement NDI to make devices available as video sources or destinations over a LAN, using our sophisticated encoding and communication methods that provide unsurpassed efficiency over standard networking bandwidth.

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Check out some of the more exciting features in the TriCaster Advanced Edition Add-on from NewTek. NewTek Vice President of Worldwide Training walks you through an overview of many of the new features in TriCaster Advanced Edition.

Overlay still images, logos and video onto your live production and add effects to them. TriCaster Advanced Edition includes features such as "Augmented Reality," which positions graphic elements and overlays in a 3D space.

Tricaster Advanced Edition Capture Every Audience!
TriCaster Advanced Edition provides faster setups and higher-performing live streaming to multiple channels at once—and to the namedrop-worthy Microsoft Azure and YouTube Live channels. The new edition includes social sharing on more platforms and in more account combinations than ever possible before.

                Drive Graphics with Data

Free your production from the monumental time and effort of manually inputting data for on-screen graphics. Deliver beautiful, template-based graphics with real-time feeds from internal or external sources, and minimize data-entry errors with automated, data-driven graphics.


Smarter Control

Give yourself more time to focus on critical production responsibilities. Allow your TriCaster to automate and control the more straightforward parts of your shows. You’ll benefit from greater command over in-show production with highly customizable programming and triggering for macro controls, self-detecting inputs, auto-correcting color match settings, and intelligent mix/effects settings.

Expanded IP Workflows

Take advantage of more open production management with new IP workflows. Manage audio devices from anywhere in your facility into TriCaster with input of digital audio over IP from any Dante-enabled system on your network. Maintain control over your live shots with network tally that displays tally information for all connected systems including 3Play™ and TalkShow™—when their output is supplied to your TriCaster.

Increase Inputs, Virtually

Dramatically increase your TriCaster’s inputs—without the addition of extra hardware—thanks to expanded router support. With TriCaster Advanced Edition, now you can multiply the number of cameras and live video inputs available with upstream router control on every TriCaster Pro Line system—even TriCaster Mini. You never have to limit your camera count again.

Mix Live. Look Like Post

Put more than just switched cameras into your live show with real-time elements that shrink post-production time and give live viewers a treat. Pre-produced packages, ISO-recorded clips, and active recordings can all be mixed, trimmed, and edited during the program—with new playlist effects and transitions between DDR media to create compelling live mixes, and even in-show replay to recreate memorable moments at any speed.

Create Your Masterpiece

Realize boundless creative expression and create maximum visual impact with improved graphics processing, upgraded rendering, a boosted effects engine, and top-level capabilities like sweet border and box effects you can design and customize yourself. Create new dimensions for your virtual sets with augmented layers of 3D graphics or text that appear—and behave—as though they’re elements within the studio, interacting with your talent, tracking with the camera, and floating in the set.

$1995 US - Contact Us - 416-690-1690

Tricaster Advanced Edition Interface



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